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Finding that there is a lack of support for affordable high resolution transfers, I began researching my own ways to do it. I shot a few short films and soon thereafter other filmmakers began approaching me wondering how I got my super 8 to look so good... 5 years have passed and with the support of other cinematographers, I created our little studio called Frame Discreet. Our custom super 8 and 16mm transfers have us trusted by archivists and filmmakers all across North America.


Our team of cinematographers (listed below) act as a collective, inspiring each other on and off set. We have a full range of experience working on features (Max Payne, The Hulk) to music videos (Hayden, Emily Haines), to Documentaries (CBC, YTV, MTV, Bravo!). Having our own gear and being able to supervise transfers in house allows us the freedom to create desireable 'film looks' at a much more affordable rate. In the end, we're trying to make it easier to collaborate, work with film and keep doin' what we love.

Questions? info@framediscreet.com.

Friday, November 6, 2009

On Location- "Boonaa Mohammed - Green Card" - Music Video

Shot with our SI2K mini package, and small slighting kit. Double diffused the light source giving a very soft wrap around the artist and popped his eyes with a little catch light. Boonaa is an incredible artists and kept this approach very simple to let his presence shine through. The video posted does not have the final color correction applied to it.

"Boonaa Mohammed - Green Card"
Camera: SI2K Mini
Stock: 1920x1080 Cineform Raw, 23.98
Director: Hassan Jama
Cinematographer: Justin Lovell

On Location- "Nokia Surge" - Commercial

Great time working with Rob Piltchowski and Frame Discreet Cinematographer John Price. I was camera assisting on the job and had an fun time laying out the circular dolly track and rigging the camera for some high angle shots. Commercial can be seen here.. and I even made a cameo :D

Nokia Surge

Commercial: "Nokia"
Camera: Sony V1U
Stock: 1920x1080
Director: Robert Pilichowski
Cinematographer: John Price

Sunday, November 1, 2009

On Location- "Unity Charity"

Some more behind the scenes from the Unity Charity video that I'm working on.
Runnin' around with the SI2k mini camera following around one of the craziest creative power bboys in Canada.

These kids are so lucky to have him as a mentor and a friend.

Promotional Video: "Unity Charity"
Camera: SI2K Mini
Format: 1920x1080 Cineform Raw, 23.98
Director: Mike Prosserman/Justin Lovell
Cinematographer: Justin Lovell

On Location- "The Bay"

Internal video for "The Bay". Thanks to Storymasters for getting me involved. They're a progressive company doing documentary and corporate films. I've worked with these guys a number of times and am always impressed with their approach to corporate videos. They leave me with a lot of creative freedom to attack it with a more cinematic approach to lighting and movement. Owner Randy Woolgar is fantastic with his directing and just.. well.. he just gets it.

Project: "The Bay"
Camera: XD HDCAM
Format: 1920x1080 30P
Cinematographer: Justin Lovell

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Yukon Breakdancing - on location

Having a background in breakdancing, shooting dance films and traveling around the globe for documentaries led me into this wicked project... I was flown up North to find myself shooting breakdancing on helicopter landing pads in the mountains.

The project was to document the 'Klondike Heat Bboy Battle'. There was also an intensive 1 week breakin'/popping/locking/hip hop workshop happening. My job was to document the event and help create a promo video for the Yukon based GWS bboy crew.

Shot on the SI2k camera, with a skeleton crew it was a real challenge. I also taught a photography workshop and the girls I taught came out to help with the shoot and learn about lighting and cinematography. Thanks girls, you were awesome!

Thank you Andrea Simpson-Fowler for getting me involved in this project.. you rock!

Project: "Yukon Breakdancing"
Camera: SI2K Mini
Format: 1920x1080 Cineform Raw, 23.98
Cinematographer: Justin Lovell

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Super 8 shirts - Limited Edition

Custom Design by artist Mark Cabeuna
Limited run.
For the low low price of $15
(I'm not making anything on these, done just for the love of it).

All kinds of crazy color combinations available, including red, blue, black, grey, white, cream & neon green.

Email info@framediscreet.com with the size you want and I'll let you what colors are still available. Going like hot cakes!

Monday, October 12, 2009

New World Samurai - Promo Spot #1

Click to download MP4

Profiles 1 v.1 Promotional spot #1 for New World Samurai/Karma Studios. Shot on location in Canmore, Alberta. Fun project to work on, being allowed to explore the inner workings of an impressive tattoo studio & gallery. The artists at NWS are awesome. Really pumped about the images I was able to create with the T-0.95 lens, beautifully shallow depth of field and soft vignette. Lit by sculpting the natural and existing lighting with an instinctive documentary approach. Thanks to Steve Cosens for the inspiration to shoot this style.

Music Composition by the talented Byron Wong.

Camera: Panasonic GH-1, Schneider Xenon 25mm 0.95
Format: 720p, 59.94 AVCHD - interpreted to 23.98 Cineform
Cinematographer: Justin Lovell

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Super 8 Transfer Samples- 500T 7219

Super 8 500t (7219) - Shot in Toronto at Troublez bboy Jam @ Ryerson Campus
Transfer: Frame Discreet
Camera: Canon 1014xls MODIFIED to Super duper 8 (aka Max 8) with c-8 wide angle adapter - hence the vignette. Unmatted, full frame

Super 8 Transfer Samples - 200t 7217

Super 8 200t (7217) looking beautiful as always...
Transferred here for Mimmo & Naz
Shot on a Canon 1014XLS

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Cinematography Workshops- Yukon

After a crazy turn of events, I was invited to teach a Frame Discreet cinematography/lighting workshop in the Yukon this summer. The workshop was for younger students interested in learning more about filmmaking. The workshop focused on natural lighting, lenses and basic photography concepts.

The images above are from some of the practical lessons, evaluating bounced lighting/no lighting and the different feelings you can evoke simply based on lens selection.

The gals taking the workshop were super keen and I'm looking forward to our follow up workshop to see what they create with their new knowledge!

On Location- "Unbearable Prospect" Performance

Teamed up to shoot the Gadfly dance crew on their acclaimed performance of Unbearable Prospect. It's an amazing showcase of the crew's versatility and combination of street dance styles. This was a special sold out one night only comeback performance after the show's success last year.

We shot the dress rehearsal on our SI2k Mini with our EZFX jib arm. The allowed me to be right in front of the stage without any restrictions on blocking viewers. Stuck to the 5.9mm wide Angenieux lens and drifted around the front of the stage capturing some really gorgeous movement.

I love shooting dance movement and working the flow of the camera movements to speak with the choreography. I was a operating the remote head while jib operator Tony Del Rio guided movement of the jib up/down/left/right. Another awesome time for the FD crew!

Project: "Unbearable Prospect"
Camera: SI2K Mini
Format: 2048x856 Cineform Raw, 23.98

Cinematographer: Justin Lovell

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Transfer Samples - super 8 / super 16

Montage of footage from Kelly + Maya's visit to Toronto. The super 8 footage has a soft glow and diffused effect to it. Shot at 18 fps super 8, transferred at 15fps for a slight slo-mo feel. 16mm was shot at 24fps, transferred at 18fps to also have slight slo-mo. Nice for a 'memory feeling'.

I rate the 3374 b/w high contrast at 150 ASA for best results. If I want it a little more contrasty (blow out the highlights a little more, bleaching the skin tones, I'll rate it at 100-125).

Camera: Beaulieu 4008 ZMII 6-66 schneider zoom, Bolex super 16 - 16-100 Switar zoom
Stock: Ektachrome 64T, 250d V3 (7207), 3374 high con
Processing: Exclusive Film and Video, Niagara Custom Lab
Transfer: Frame Discreet - colourist Justin Lovell
Cinematographer: Justin Lovell

Transfer Samples - super 8 64t

Pass the Cart II

A project put together by the members of the filmshooting.com forum.

Consists of 5 E64t Cartridges that have toured the world. I was fortunate enough to be involved, and this is CART #2. I shot the last film with 2 fellas in Toronto.

Had big goals for the project, but ran out of time... In the end I bucked down, set a date and convinced myself I was going to shoot it that day, make or break, no matter what. We had it all planned out, storyboarded on DSLR, and last minute the actress had to pull out as we ran out of time to shoot.

In comes plan B, shot rehearsal tests on a sony EX-1, 6 times for timing review; then rolls in the beaulieu 4008 to shoot it for real. We cut out a lot of shots which would have rounded out the toronto landscape a little better, but I was worried about it being at the end of the cart and losing a shot because I might not have the full 10'.

Ours is the last film of the 4.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

On Location- "This Movie is Broken" Short Film - Bruce McDonald

A few more behind the scenes shots from Bruce Mcdonald's latest film. I was loading the 35mm Konvas for fellow Frame Discreet Cinematographer John Price. Micheal Leblanc came in to operate 2nd camera on a few days and Misha Petrenko even made it out as a key electric. Always a pleasure working with the FD crew.

Photos courtesy of Leah Barley- thanks :)

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

On Location- "ZEN STRETCH" Fitness Video

Got a call looking for a Jib Operator/Owner to help shoot a fitness video on ZEN STRETCHING a technique shown by Chris "Bodhi" Batista. I had no idea what I was getting into when I got the gig. Check the link, it's pretty impressive how this technique can really affect your body.

We shot with 2 cameras covering 10, 20 and 40 minute versions of the video. One camera on our dolly on a longer lens, the other camera our Jib arm with 10' extension and Remote Head. I monitored the camera movements with the joystick control and video goggles while Tony Del Rio operated the jib arm movements. Constant communication between all three of us was important to ensure that we weren't shooting similar frames and more importantly so that we weren't overlapping our zooms to change framing (makes for a happy editor).

Got a great tan hangin' out on the beach, and got a free instructional from Chris (using Tony as an example) on how to stop an attacker coming at you. Hillarious and scary watching that little demonstration.

Fitness Video: "Zen Stretch"
Cameras: Sony HD XDCAM
Format: 1080p, 29.97

Cinematographer: Justin Lovell / Chris Langenzarde

Thursday, September 3, 2009

On Location- "GADFLY" Short Film

Another great project that we're pitching for funding. Collaborating with the super talented dance group Gadfly. The short delves into the minds of each dancer in their rehearsal space 30 floors up from the city core. Covers a mix of street dance, breaking, house, hip hop, and contemporary. Dance style changes are hidden by strongly motivated by camera movement and sound design. I love collaborating with dancers. The creative possibilities choreographing dance and camera movement together gets my heart thumpin'.

Short Film: "Gadfly"
Camera: SI2K Mini
Format: 2048x856 Cineform Raw, 23.98

Justin Lovell/Mikkel Zall
Cinematographer: Justin Lovell