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Finding that there is a lack of support for affordable high resolution transfers, I began researching my own ways to do it. I shot a few short films and soon thereafter other filmmakers began approaching me wondering how I got my super 8 to look so good... 5 years have passed and with the support of other cinematographers, I created our little studio called Frame Discreet. Our custom super 8 and 16mm transfers have us trusted by archivists and filmmakers all across North America.


Our team of cinematographers (listed below) act as a collective, inspiring each other on and off set. We have a full range of experience working on features (Max Payne, The Hulk) to music videos (Hayden, Emily Haines), to Documentaries (CBC, YTV, MTV, Bravo!). Having our own gear and being able to supervise transfers in house allows us the freedom to create desireable 'film looks' at a much more affordable rate. In the end, we're trying to make it easier to collaborate, work with film and keep doin' what we love.

Questions? info@framediscreet.com.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Documentary- BBOY battle on Super 8

Frame Discreet's Justin Lovell was at it again documenting a bboy battle at the Harbourfront Centre in Toronto. Shot with the Canon 1014xls & C-8 wide angle attachment. Used 8 rolls of Kodak 7218 500T. Accented the lighting with a 1k Fresnel getting a t-4.0 in the highlights and 1.4 in the darker areas. Shot it all at 1.4, going to let the highlights blow out a little but will also print it down in the transfer to give me a slicker image with less grain in the shadows. Overexposure will also help as I was speed ramping to 36fps without compensating the iris. Will post some footage once its back from Niagara Custom Lab's processing.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Music Video- The National (Super 8)

"Fake Empire"- The National

Transferred here @ Frame Discreet by Justin Lovell.


Stock: Kodachrome 40, processed @ Dwaynes
Format: Super 8

production company: Scott Cudmore Film
photographed by: Lee Towndrow
styled by: Corrina Allen
edited by:Matt Hannam
produced: by Mike Smith

from The National's 2007 album, Boxer, on Begger's Banquet.

Music Video- Hayden (super 16)

"Where and When"- Hayden

Shot on location in stunning Brussels. It was an awesome experience shooting out there. Tried and true the bolex was great for this shoot as a lightweight workhorse. Little note, on super 16, daylight spools must be loaded in the dark to avoid light leaks.


Camera: Bolex Rex 4, Super 16 (lens Switar POE 16-100, 10mm switar)
Stock: Kodak 250D 7205 & Fuji 500T

Director: Scott Cudmore
Producer: Mike Smith
Director of Photography: Michael LeBlanc (Frame Discreet)
Editor: Matthew Hannam
Camera Assistant: Justin Lovell (Frame Discreet)
Produced by The Field, 2007.

Super 16/Super 8/Max 8 Comparisons

Nice test for you to see how the different formats compare when using the same stock. (Click images for larger versions). FYI Max 8 is a modification made to widen the gate of the camera allowing image to be recorded where sound used to be recorded. In the transfer you are able to 'zoom out' and see more of the image resulting in tighter grain and a 16x9 image area. There are some limitations to this modification though as you're not able to see the extra are in the viewfinder of the camera and certain focal lengths will vignette.

Stock: Kodak 7218 500T
Format: Super 8, Max 8 (super duper 8), Super 16
Cameras: Canon 1014xls S8, Eclair NPR 16mm (lens Zeiss 11.5-115)
Cinematographer: Justin Lovell
Transfer: Justin Lovell @ Frame Discreet


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Stock: 7218
Format: Super 8
Camera: Canon 1014xls
Cinematographer: Justin Lovell
Transfer: Justin Lovell @ Frame Discreet

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Frame Discreet on Location

Guy Godfree and Justin Lovell teamed up to shoot a documentary on Super 16 and 35mm capturing the Parkscapers snowboard park rebuild at Devil's Glen. Was an awesome experience covering the complete reconstruction of the park into one of the best in Ontario. We had a jib arm setup and dolly track on hill getting some slick moves on the riders rippin it on the new features. Thanks to Chad, Chris, Doug and the rest of the team for all the wicked support. JTK photography was on site for the night photo shoot, alongside the quicksilver snowboard team.. it was craaaazy... some stills to come!

Frame Discreet on Location

Frame Discreet Cinematographer Guy Godfree created some beautiful images for director Ada Vaughan in Toronto's Wallace Studios. Captured on 35mm using Vision 3 500t. Frame Discreet owner Justin Lovell was on set lending a hand and having a laugh. Its always a good time on set with us :)

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Transfer Stills- Super 8 7217

Stills from a recent transfer we did for Cinematographer Cabot Mcnemly. He captured some beautiful images taking full advantage of magic hour on Toronto Island. Shot with a Canon 1014E, pushed 1 stop in the processing at niagara custom lab.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Shooting a Jib Jam on Super 16mm- Bleach Bypass S16mm

Cinematographer Justin Lovell got out to Osler Bluff's no Guff Snowboard Jib Jam this weekend. Shooting with our Super 16 Bolex package to capture some high speed and 45 Degree shutter angle shots of the event going down. Used Kodak 250D 7246 & Fuji 500T when the sun started to fail. Plan to have it processed with a bleach bypass at Niagara Custom Lab to give it a desaturated more snappy contrast. Doing this process will also push the film 1 stop to help with underexposure. If all goes well with the sound design and editing, it'll be screened at the Blue Mountain Multimedia Showcase this weekend.

Stills from the transfer- Bleach bypass processing on 250D(7246) & Fuji 500T by Niagara Custom Lab, Transfered here at frame discreet. Top Sample is the 500T without 85 filter & corrected in transfer.

Here's the video, music composition courtesy of Adam "pink socks" Barnes.