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Finding that there is a lack of support for affordable high resolution transfers, I began researching my own ways to do it. I shot a few short films and soon thereafter other filmmakers began approaching me wondering how I got my super 8 to look so good... 5 years have passed and with the support of other cinematographers, I created our little studio called Frame Discreet. Our custom super 8 and 16mm transfers have us trusted by archivists and filmmakers all across North America.


Our team of cinematographers (listed below) act as a collective, inspiring each other on and off set. We have a full range of experience working on features (Max Payne, The Hulk) to music videos (Hayden, Emily Haines), to Documentaries (CBC, YTV, MTV, Bravo!). Having our own gear and being able to supervise transfers in house allows us the freedom to create desireable 'film looks' at a much more affordable rate. In the end, we're trying to make it easier to collaborate, work with film and keep doin' what we love.

Questions? info@framediscreet.com.

Monday, July 13, 2009

On Location- "Josh Reichman- Our Whole Life" - Music Video

Very cool concept video by Frame Discreet Cinematographer Michael Leblanc. Based on the painterly, poetic photography by Edward Steichen, Leblanc is compositing Josh into his still photographs. In some cases, his head will be replacing the heads in the photographs. Also to be inserted is a dancer, some walking shots and some recreated images to have slight 3d drifts. A very interesting bit of textural work involved to pull it all off, however we have an excellent VFX artist on board to give it some real life. FD cinematograper Guy Godfree was gaffing this job, helping out tremendously in matching the lighting from the photos to our live set. This SI2k not only does live reference keying, but it also allows you to 'onion skin' or 'overlay images' so we could match the exact framing with the reference images... super handy!

Music Video: "Josh Reichman"
Camera: SI2K Mini
Format: 1920x1080 Cineform Raw, 23.98
Director: Michael Leblanc
Cinematographer: Michael Leblanc

On Location- "Nokia" - Commercial

Fun little Nokia commercial spot directed by the talented Rob Pilichowski - soon to be known for his "all out war" bboy documentary. We shot the spot all on green screen with the SI2k mini. Having the spot meter on the camera interface is awesome for keeping a constant even exposure on the green screen. Also nice to have this feature when you're playing with variable frame rates and shutter speeds because it allows you to keep the exposure bang on no matter what variable you change. It tells you the exact IRE level wherever you tap on the screen. Post guys and colorists will love ya for that one.

Managed to get in a fun little game of footy after the shoot when fellow Frame Discreet cinematographer, Barry Cheong, dropped by to say hello.

Commercial: "Nokia"
Camera: SI2K Mini
Stock: 1920x1080 Cineform Raw, 29.97
Director: Robert Pilichowski
Cinematographer: John Price

On Location- "This Movie is Broken" Short Film - Bruce McDonald

Ever been onstage at the Harbourfront in Toronto for Broken Social Scene with 6 red cameras filming the event? I have.. and it was awwweesoommee! Grateful for the experience to work again with Bruce and a very talented group of cinematographers and focus pullers. FD crew Mikhail Petrenko, John Price, Michael Leblanc and myself were all on hand lighting the after party and rockin out on the main cameras on the main stage. Afterparty was all rigged with china balls with 60W bulbs which barely gave enough exposure. They were immediately swapped out to 40W bulbs as soon as we wrapped shooting to maintain a darker enviroment for the guests. We also had a few 1k lights bouncing light around off walls and heavily diffused, to bring up the ambient light.

"This Movie is Broken" - Short Film
Camera: 6 Red Cameras, 35mm Konvas, Canon 814XLS Super 8 & HVX-200 (for the afterparty)
Format: Red Raw 4k 23.98
Director: Bruce McDonald
Cinematographers: Mike Leblanc & John Price

On Location- "Tomasi" Music Video

Shot in the beautiful Gladstone Hotel in Toronto, Mikhail Petrenko did another gorgeous job lighting these tight spaces. We chose to shoot SI2k over the Red Camera for its small size and ability to be moved around quickly and easily. In one case - being tight for time - we had to get an over the shoulder shot of the model as she sat on the bed watching TV. We simply gripped a Cstand with a magic arm and armed it out behind the model with the SI2k on the end. Quick stable and easy setup that could have taken much longer with any other camera capable of 2k resolution! The shoot ran a little longer than usual, but we had the FD crew rockin' it with a great team enjoying every minute of it (even as standins for the performers...haha)!

Music Video:
Camera: SI2k Mini- Angenieux 12-120mm, Switar 10mm/25mm, Schneider Xenon 50mm t-0.95. Recording to Solid State Toshiba Portege M750
Format: 2048x1080 Cineform raw
Director: Jeff Chan & Ludovic Chovino
Mikhail Petrenko

On Location- "Beautiful Monster" short film

An interesting short film where we combined 16mm 3374 high contrast film (for a 70's documentary feel) and 35mm 5218 for a slicker contemporary feel as the film evolves at the end. Had a great time on set with the FD crew, Michael Leblanc and Misha Petrenko. Attached frames are from the film stock/camera test showing the 3374 film stock rated at 160ASA cross-processed at Niagara Custom Lab. Transferred here at Frame Discreet. 3374 is an awesome black and white film stock that can be purchased from Kodak in 2000' minimum orders for under $200! That's 1 hour of shooting time, an affordable REAL film look!

Video: "Beautiful Monster" Short Film
Camera: Eclair NPR 16mm & Konvas 35mm
Format: 16mm 3374 / 35mm 5229
Director: Tony Romano
Michael Leblanc